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Privacy Policy 
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This privacy policy applies to the entire contents of this website under the domain name, and to any correspondence by email between us.

Welcome to the Auctionmovers website which we want you to enjoy and be assured that information we learn about you when you visit the Site is controlled to ensure no unauthorised  use of your information without your prior authority.

When you visit the Site, we recognise only your domain name and not your email address. We will, however, see your email address if you fill out one of our forms or send us an email message.

If you provide information about yourself by registering on a page, by filling out a survey, by participating in our promotions or otherwise by telling us about yourself or your activities, we will collect that information for our own use to improve our products and services and the content of the "Site".

We may, from time to time, provide your details to related companies in whose products or services you may be interested so that they may contact you regarding their products. It is our intention that any items we believe will be of interest to you will be promoted direct from the site and the only way your details will be collected by the other Companies will be if you respond to their offer. We (or our dealers) may also use data you provide to send you information, unless you indicate otherwise when completing our "Contact" forms.

Auctionmovers reserves the right to change or update this policy at any time by posting a notice to that effect on the Site or contacting you by email.

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We have been involved in auction work for many years and have specialists in many areas, who will answer all your questions ensuring you receive the best deals.  
This site has been built with you in mind and with the assistance of the major auction houses we will supply you with the best bargains in the Market.

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